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approachWe are sales specialists— we work directly with the head offices of major Canadian retailers to ensure your product receives national prominence. Our extensive retail sales experience across categories and our strong relationships with national and regional retailers will help you improve sales results for your business. In today’s marketplace you need an intimate knowledge of your principal clients, a keen understanding of where the market is going and you also need to figure out how to differentiate the product you’re handling, because consumers have more choices than ever and competition is fierce.

  • A Client Manager Strategist will work with you to develop and execute short- and long-term business plans for your brand.
  • Key Account Managers guide day-to-day activities and are the single contact point for you and the retailer to ensure a coordinated approach.
  • Senior Management is available 24/7 for consultations about your products, brands, market and all new or additional business opportunities.



What Is Just?

Promotes healthier living via quality products that are sourced, packaged and delivered in an environmentally sensitive way.

JUST commits to creating better options today to preserve and protect our world for tomorrow.

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